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The Law of One Session 104, Question 26

July 27, 1983

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Commentary on the Book V material

(All questions and answers in this session are from Book V.)

Jim: Ra made a point in Session 104 that seems to us to be one of the central principles which govern our evolution through the third density. It was in reference to the amount of exercise which would be most appropriate for Carla when her body was near normal and when it was weakened by one distortion or another. Ra suggested that it should be exercised more when weakened by distortion because “It is the way of distortion that in order to balance a distortion one must accentuate it.”

In the next response Ra refers to the use of gifts with which one has entered the incarnation as a kind of “Use it, or lose it” proposition.

When Book One of The Law Of One was being published by The Donning Company under the title of The Ra Material, we were asked to write an introduction. In one portion of that introduction Carla was writing about the concept of reincarnation. When we got the galley proofs back from The Donning Company we noticed that a sentence which we had not written had somehow appeared in what we had written. It was truly “subjectively interesting.”

Ra’s eloquent closing was in response to a series of queries concerning our oldest cat, Gandalf, who then was going blind and losing weight, apparently in preparation for death. We have considered leaving this material out, once again, because it has little general application, but we have left it in because Ra’s desire not to infringe upon our free will is notable and well illustrated here.

Carla: When people try to improve their living habits, they always go for diet and exercise as being the first things to change. I think these changes have a mental and emotional benefit as well as a physical one, in that it feels as good for the mind as the body to be doing something when there is a concern. The concern for me, by all three of us, seemed never-ending. I don’t watch soap operas; they move too slowly for me to keep an interest. But certainly at this point we were living in one. I was steadily losing weight, even eating more than I ever had. So the focus was on diet and exercise. I think we all felt better because we were trying to work on the problems actively. It did, however, seem to take up so much time! Much of the days seemed spent on maintenance. We all were stressed by the situation.

I always have loved my childhood summers spent dancing at the Noyes Rhythm Foundation’s camp in Portland, Connecticut. It exists still today, and is a wonderful place altogether, one I cannot recommend highly enough, for you can live in a tent, dance on a sprung wood floor to classical piano music in an open pavilion with greenswards and forest about in an absolutely unspoiled environment. The teachers still follow Florence Fleming Noyes’ original method of instruction, which posits that all things have their own rhythm, so one may dance a starfish or a star, a bear or a horse or a blade of grass. It teaches that all things are alive, and that they are all one consciousness. It is very like the Isadora Duncan style of dancing, but with a much elevated philosophy driving the technique. You can be a beginner and still have a wonderful time. I certainly did, and I measured the exercises I was doing at that time with the yardstick of the dance. The walking came up short! But I was faithful and kept up with the routine. Jim usually was kind enough to walk with me, which motivated me greatly.

I see here, for the first time, really, that Ra was echoing Don’s request of me, which always was to take more time just to sit. I am an avid reader, and have always loved to toss myself headlong into a romance or science fiction or fantasy novel. To this day it is not unusual for me to read a book a day. Ah, if only the books were “good literature”! but NO! I love to read just for fun, and winkle away to adventure-land. As time has passed, I have more and more found the time to rest in silence, but still tend to read too much.

The stomach problems were to plague me for some years; indeed, still. But things were greatly aided in 1988, when my doctor finally figured out that my gall bladder was infected. Ever since 1982, they had been reading the picture of my gall bladder as showing some sludge—not an operable problem. However, in actuality it was simply infected, and not working at all. Until the sick organ was removed, I was to suffer greatly. And four years later, in 1992, I had the second cleansing operation, when half my colon was removed. These days, I still deal with discomfort throughout the GI tract, but it is not beyond management, and most days I can do well and just put such aches and pains out of my mind. When the sessions were going on in 1983, however, I was in sorry shape. The stress of knowing things weren’t right with Don was undoubtedly a factor here.

One can note the way Ra moved fluidly between the psyche and the soma in working with illness. They linked the severity of the pain to work in consciousness, which I was pursuing as intensively as I could, but to slow avail. When one has felt unworthy for a long time, one is slow to learn self-respect of the deep and lasting kind. I was embarking on a life-lesson which was all about learning to be wise and live. Don was also embarking upon a journey, a much darker one. He was learning how to love completely and die.

Meanwhile our beloved cat, Gandalf, was getting old and creaky. How he loved us! He wanted only to be on us, or beside us, always. His devotion never let up, even when, in Georgia some months later, we had to lift him to the food and sand-box, as he could no longer walk. He would move heaven and earth just to be with us, and I got in the habit of carrying him with me so he would not have to walk on his sore paws.

It may seem like Donald spent a lot of time on this kitty, but you have to remember how much like a child such a special pet is. We had no children; being celibate, he wasn’t likely to sire a family. But we did have Gandalf and Fairchild. They meant a great deal to us, as our cats still do to Jim and me.

Notice how the tuning started drifting as Don persisted in trying to get specific information from Ra. It is abuse of a well-tuned channel to ask for specific information, I think. And notice how Ra’s suggestions for bettering a situation always begin with rejoicing in, giving thanks for and praising the situation, whatever it is. To Ra’s way of thinking, when the attitude with which you met the moment was praise and thanksgiving, you’d be best prepared to meet it well. Simple advice, hard to follow, but worth it.

104.26 Questioner: Prior to the veiling process there was, I am assuming, no archetypical plan for the evolutionary process. It was totally left up to the free will of the mind/body/spirits to evolve in any way that they desired. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

I am Ra. We leave you in appreciation of the circumstances of the great illusion in which you now choose to play the pipe and timbrel and move in rhythm. We are also players upon a stage. The stage changes. The acts ring down. The lights come up once again. And throughout the grand illusion and the following and the following there is the undergirding majesty of the One Infinite Creator. All is well. Nothing is lost. Go forth rejoicing in the love and the light, the peace and the power of the One Infinite Creator. I am Ra. Adonai.

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