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Commentary on the Book V material

(All questions and answers in this session are from Book V.)

Jim: And now, in Session 102, it was once again Carla’s turn to experience another psychic greeting which intensified a momentary lapse from harmony on her part. She was unable to accept a portion of my perception of our shared relationship for the period of about an hour or two, but that was long enough, due to her intense emotions during that time, for a potent working to be accomplished by our friend of negative polarity. Fortunately, most people will not have to worry about such instant and dramatic intensifications of disharmonious moments since few people or groups attract the attention of fifth-density, negative entities. But the general principle is that one who is standing close to light experiences an honor which must be balanced by the responsibility of reflecting that light as harmoniously as possible, and this principle holds for all seekers. Failure to live up to that responsibility simply brings one another more intensive opportunity to do so until it is done, or until one steps away from the light.

In the third paragraph of Ra’s second response we find the key concept or attitude for dealing with any such psychic greetings, or any difficulties in general, that one may face in the life patterns. Further into the session Ra gives the basic criteria for the unblocking of the yellow-ray energy center, the one with which Carla was working in this situation. Surgery was avoided, and the spasming condition of Carla’s abdominal region was brought under control over a period of about two years. A potent working, that one!

Carla: Ah, humanity! Jim’s and my discord was about that age-old dynamic between men and women: monogamy. Who was it that wrote the little ditty: “Hogamus, higgimus, men are polygamous; Higgimus, hogamus, dames are monogamous”? Ogden Nash? Dorothy Parker? At any rate, this is true, or tends to be. Jim asked for an open relationship several times in our early days together. Being most honestly more a friend than a BOY-friend, being linked to me primarily by our work together rather than any romantic interest, he naturally responded to the many lovely women who came his way. In this same circumstance, it never occurred to me to seek a further relationship. I was totally satisfied to have Don as my companion and mate, and had long since left off blaming him for wanting to be celibate, and also was perfectly happy with Jim’s and my friendship and intimate life together. How we do stir up confusion with our desires! Yet to desire is most proper. I think much of learning in life is involved with the right use of will and desire.

One of the major healings of my life occurred with the removal of about half my descending colon in 1992. This cleared out much old and dead matter, and enabled me to do corresponding work within myself at the metaphysical level. There was much to release, and I felt wonderful to be able to do that. The psyche and the soma, soul and body, are inextricably intertwined and pain to one will be reflected in the other. However, when the body alone is harmed, the mind is much freer to re-vision the trauma than when it is the mind and emotions which are injured. If such damage is not addressed and respected, it can move ever deeper into the body’s health, unbalancing and undermining it.

After that surgery, with its attendant metaphysical work, I had released all I could of the whole tragedy of Don’s death and my life, so diminished without his company. And so I became finally able to move on into new life. I was sent home with a new diet, following closely Ra’s suggestions. Every look into my GI system showed ulcers, and given my 30-year use of cortisone, this is not remarkable. The diet was called “low sediment,” and on it were the well-cooked meats, veggies and fruits, sugars and fats that Ra had recommended, but not on it were the usual health foods—whole grains, nuts, berries, uncooked fruits and vegetables. I think one could almost characterize it as the UN-health diet! Yet it has worked, thank the Lord, for five years so far, and I am most grateful. I think I share with many people who have chronic disease that feeling of living on the razor’s edge. I have to be careful, as mistakes are costly. I do miss salads especially, but have no argument with the destiny that has allowed me these years of life I almost did not have.

One note about “Bob”: he was an amazing help in one area: my feelings of suicidal nature. After Don’s death, and especially after I found out what Don had been thinking, I felt totally guilty for not being able to see his fears and allay them. I felt as though it was all my fault. The penalty, I felt strongly, should be death. I was quite unwilling to take my own life. Knowing how it had affected me when Don died, I knew I could never do that to those I love. Which left me hanging between life and death. Through the years from 1984 to 1992, the forces of death circled ever closer until finally I could look death in the eye, and find the faith to affirm life and love and healing. The part prayer had in this was substantial to say the least. And Bob’s prayers were especially powerful to save. He told me of these suicidal vibrations long before I could do much besides drown in sorrow, and helped me through those pangs of self-knowledge and self-judgment which were so unbalanced. And he was joined by so many others. I had the sensation of being upheld in love, safe and sound, during the whole of the 1991-92 experience which involved four trips to the hospital, critically ill and quite foundered, my GI tract closed tight.

We have lost touch with Bob, in case you would wish us to give his name and direction. He let us know he had retired from active healing, and wished to spend his time now in deep prayer on the planetary level. Our thanks and blessings, wherever you are, dear Bob.

It was not easy to find Arthur Schoen. Ra had pronounced his last name “Shane,” but there was not an M.D. of any type by that name. Finally we hit upon the German spelling—although if the name had been pronounced correctly, it would be “shourn,” more or less. But this IS America, so of course the name was Americanized. We actually did go see this man, but left before he could treat me, as he and Donald did not see eye to eye. This is no surprise, for Don wanted him to read Ra’s diagnosis, and the doctor did not really feel comfortable consulting with a discarnate entity.

Ra’s suggestion to “link hands and walk towards the sun” is good counsel indeed. Had we been able to dwell in praise and thanksgiving, much would have been altered. But things were as they were. From this remove of time, I see and give praise and thanks for every moment we had together. Whatever it has cost, it was and is worth it all.

102.3 Questioner: I’m not quite sure I understood everything you said. Can you give me the last name of this Arthur, and where he is located?

Ra: I am Ra. We can.

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