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The Law of One Session 27, Question 13

February 21, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: Just before I joined Don and Carla, at the end of 1980, I traveled to the Portland, Oregon, area to work with Paul Shockley and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. It was a happy experience in itself, and it also provided the catalyst that eventually saw me return to Kentucky and join L/L Research. After two months in Oregon I decided to take a weekend alone to think about an opportunity to earn a great deal of money that had been presented to me by one of the members of the Aquarian Church. Thirty seconds into my first meditation of the weekend the very clear message to return to Don and Carla flashed across my inner sky. So I said good-bye to my new friends and returned to Louisville. Three weeks later the Ra contact began, and when Paul Shockley was informed of the nature of the contact he asked that two questions be asked for him of the social memory complex, Ra.

The answer to the second query is especially interesting to us because it seems to suggest the means by which some of the pyramids of Egypt were constructed.

Carla: In 1986 we were invited to Shockley’s “Friendship” conference, and I finally met this channel for a source called “Cosmic Awareness.” He was a very sincere and valiant channel, pure in his desire to serve. I feel it unfortunate that the questions put to this channel, over a period of time, pretty much changed and worsened the quality of information received. As always when this occurs, the culprit was a fascination with transient material. I think that it was the questions put to this excellent channel that lessened the metaphysical level of this channeling.

27.13 Questioner: Is Love— is there a manifestation of love that we could call vibration?

Ra: I am Ra. Again we reach semantic difficulties. The vibration or density of love or understanding is not a term used in the same sense as the second distortion, Love; the distortion Love being the great activator and primal co-Creator of various creations using intelligent infinity; the vibration love being that density in which those who have learned to do an activity called “loving” without significant distortion, then seek the ways of light or wisdom. Thus in vibratory sense love comes into light in the sense of the activity of unity in its free will. Love uses light and has the power to direct light in its distortions. Thus vibratory complexes recapitulate in reverse the creation in its unity, thus showing the rhythm or flow of the great heartbeat, if you will use this analogy.

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