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The Law of One Session 29, Question 12

February 23, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: Ra had advised Carla never to do any kind of physical healing because she was always very low on physical energy, and such healing would tend to drain her already low reserve in that area.

Carla: Since I was a child, I have had some sort of odd ability to sit with someone and, with our hands in contact, be able to clear some of the surface clutter away from the other person’s mind or being. I have never investigated what I am doing, or how to do it better, trusting rather in my instinct for the right time to offer this. Perhaps I should, but it has always struck me as a very marginal gift, not one near my central path. I think that if I have any healing ability, it is in my listening. When someone comes to me for private counsel, I think of the time as a “listening session,” and see myself as a spiritual listener. There is much healing in a person’s talking something through with another in a supportive atmosphere. The listener simply enables the person to listen better to herself. And I have very deep instincts towards doing this. So this is where I have focused my own efforts to become a better healer. Listening is truly an art, and I think it begins with the way we listen to ourselves. There is a tremendous strength in knowing one’s full self, the dark side as well as the one that sees the light of everyday behavior.

Once one has finally become able to bear one’s own full nature and has gone through the painful process of surrendering the pride that would deny that wretchedness within, one becomes better able to love and forgive oneself. Often I think we feel our failure comes in being kind to another. But when this occurs, you can be sure the first and proximate cause of this outer ruthlessness lies within, in the self’s refusal to reckon with the full-circle self.

29.12 Questioner: As the Love creates the vibration— I will make this statement, first. Let me say, I believe that Love creates the vibration in space/time in order to form the photon. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is essentially correct.

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