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The Law of One Session 36, Question 17

March 10, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: Having only a faint but persistent idea that we had come to this planet in order to be of service to others was apparently a sufficient degree of the “penetrating of the forgetting process” that Don mentioned in Session 36, for we had little more than that with which to begin the Ra contact.

Any third-density entity apparently has a higher self or Oversoul which is at the mid-sixth density level of being. In addition, the Wanderer who is a member of a social memory complex also has another complex of consciousness upon which to call for assistance, for each social memory complex also seems to have the equivalent of its own Oversoul or what Ra calls a “mind/body/spirit complex totality.”

Carla: The forgetting process, or the veil, is a term used often by our sources. The basic thought is that when we take on flesh and become a manifested entity on the earth plane, that flesh shuts our metaphysical senses. All that we knew before birth is hidden in the deeper mind, and we set out on our earthly pilgrimage with only our naked selves and our heartfelt desires. It is no wonder then that Wanderers have some difficulty waking up within the illusion we call consensus reality. There is always the fear, as one enters incarnation, that one will not awaken at all, but be lost for the whole life experience. You who read this sentence are probably right in the midst of this awakening process, beginning more and more to identify with a new and larger concept of the self as an eternal and metaphysical being.

As we all awaken and develop our truer selves, we can help each other, and I encourage each Wanderer to find ways to support fellow pilgrims of the light. People will come your way. They may not seem to be very “aware,” or they may seem quite aware, but very confused or frightened. If the Creator put them in your way, then you are well equipped to aid them. Simply love and accept them.

This is much harder to do than to say. It involves first coming to love and accept yourself, forgiving yourself for the myriad imperfections and folly you find when gazing within. But all work is upon the self, speaking metaphysically. If you have trouble loving someone, look within for the place within self where you have rejected part of yourself, some slice of the dark side you’d rather not see or experience. As you work with this loving, accepting and forgiving of the dark side of self, you are working on service to all the other selves coming your way. I think the key to this acceptance of self is to see that to be in flesh is to be very imperfect and confused. There is no way to be without error when in the context of the world. Yet within us there is that self without the veil, with perfect memory of who we are and what we came to do. Once one is able to face one’s wretched side, one becomes much more able to be transparent to that infinite love that comes not from us but through us, to bless all.

In this practice of loving, we have a wonderful source of strength and courage: the higher self. I call this self the Holy Spirit, because I am of the distortion called mystical Christianity. Other people refer to this higher self as inner guides, angelic beings, the higher nature, or simply Guidance. Whatever the term, this energy is quite dependable, always there, supporting and sustaining. One can practice becoming more aware of this energy, consciously opening to it within meditation, and calling upon it in times of challenge. I encourage each to see the self as an awakening being, with much support from the unseen forces. Lean into these sources of strength in silence and prayer. They will truly aid you.

36.17 Questioner: Then what is the motivation for the… Oh, let me finish that question first. What is the motiv— what is the mechanism that this unusual sixth-density entity would wish to gain to polarize more negatively through wandering?

Ra: I am Ra. The Wanderer has the potential of greatly accelerating the density whence it comes in its progress in evolution. This is due to the intensive life experiences and opportunities of the third density. Thusly the positively oriented Wanderer chooses to hazard the danger of the forgetting in order to be of service to others by radiating love of others. If the forgetting is penetrated the amount of catalyst in third density will polarize the Wanderer with much greater efficiency than shall be expected in the higher and more harmonious densities.

Similarly, the negatively oriented Wanderer dares to hazard the forgetting in order that it might accelerate its progress in evolution in its own density by serving itself in third density by offering to other-selves the opportunity to hear the information having to do with negative polarization.

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