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The Law of One Session 44, Question 2

March 28, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

(All questions and answers in this session are from Book V.)

Jim: Session 44 was removed from Book Two because it is almost entirely a maintenance session. In querying as to how best to revitalize Carla’s physical vehicle and aid the contact with Ra in general we did, however, discover a couple of fundamental principles which we found useful thereafter.

In the first answer we found that a strong desire to be of service is not enough when it is uninformed by wisdom. Carla, and our entire group as well, suffered in the first months of the Ra contact from an overactive desire to be of service through having more sessions with Ra than was helpful for the contact over the long run. Scheduling so many sessions in such a short period of time was overly draining on Carla’s physical energy and would mean that the total number of sessions that was possible during her incarnation was probably being reduced.

The second principle which we found of interest was the power of dedication. If Carla dedicated herself to having a session with Ra she would expend an amount of energy equal to a full day’s work—even if the session did not occur. Thus it was most important that her dedication be informed by wisdom, if not her own then that of the support group’s. Thus, for any person, it is the will which drives the dedication, all thoughts, words, and actions depending therefrom. As one points the will, one’s desires become manifest. It is important, therefore, that one use the will carefully.

Carla: My body has always been fragile. Born with birth defects, laid low by rheumatic fever at the age of 2 years and kidney failure at ages 13 and 15, I have since worked with an increasing amount of rheumatoid arthritic and other rheumatoid diseases. By 1981, when the contact with Ra began, I had had several operations on my wrists and finger joints, and was experiencing rheumatoid changes in virtually every joint in my body, the neck and back being the worst hit after the hands. I had worked as a librarian, a job I loved, and as a researcher and writer for Don, but 1976 was the last year I was able to manage a typewriter, and by 1981 I was on Social Security Disability and having grave problems physically, both organic and rheumatoid. I was in pain constantly. I tolerated this without much remark, and tried to appear well; indeed, I felt healthy. But the body was a weak one. And I think that the trance state was difficult because without my being able to move my body around, it simply lay in one position during the sessions. This meant that the bad joints were liable to become far more painful, especially in those joints of back, neck and wrist which were severely damaged. I would wake up in a world of hurt. There did not seem to be a way to avoid this, and it was easy for me to be discouraged at my imperfect physical vehicle. I felt as though I were letting the group down when Ra said they had to limit the session length, and always tried my hardest to maximize my time in trance.

Donald and Jim never reproached me even the first time, and were endlessly patient in working with my limitations. However, I cried many a tear of frustration, for I wished so much to be able to continue with this channeling of Ra. It was fortunate for the contact that Jim and I were lovers, for apparently all the physical energy I had to give, after the first few sessions, was the energy transferred during lovemaking. How does a person called “pure” have a lover? Purely, of course. I tried celibacy for about two years when Don and I first got together. I found it extremely difficult and unsatisfying as a life choice. After talking this over with Donald, we agreed that I would take a lover if I wished. As he was gone fully half of the time flying for Eastern Air Lines, I was able to be completely discreet. He never saw the lover, who never saw him. When Jim began coming to meditations regularly, I had once again been celibate for about four years, not having anyone I felt good about to be a lover and friend. Jim was the answer to a maiden’s prayers, being extremely fond of his solitude most of the time, but a marvelous companion and an amazing lover when he was in the mood. He wanted nothing from me in the everyday sense of having a constant companion. Don wanted only that companionship. The two men fitted into my life like puzzle pieces, just so. It was, for the time it lasted, a seamless and wonderful threesome of those who truly and entirely wished to serve.

I pondered Ra’s words about martyrdom for some time, and eventually decided that I should take a vacation, the first one I had taken since 1971. Jim and I went to the seashore, and I rested and felt great healing. I see this as the first step I took away from the forces of death and towards an embrace of continued life. I wish that Don could also have done this, but it was not in him.

I think Ra’s comments on how to treat psychic greeting are very wise. To look on these experiences of being “attacked” as less than vitally important was to invite their prolongation. When faced and given full consideration, without fear, just being with these energies and loving them, seeing them as the dark side of oneself, the greetings were simply experiences to have and to ponder, working towards acceptance of the full self. Jesus suggested that we not resist evil, and I think this is part of what He meant—to embrace the greeting as coming from the self, and as loved by the self, was to draw its teeth and neutralize its venom.

Donald had a long-standing interest in ritual magic, one that predated my arrival in his life. He was fascinated with the thought that somehow he could help me by dealing with the negative entities that were offering greetings. It has always been an uneasy thought that he, as he once discussed with Jim, might have tried to make a pact with the entity that was so persistently greeting me, to give himself instead of me.

44.2 Questioner: Could you please terminate this contact as soon as necessary since we are not aware of the vitality of the instrument at this time?

Ra: I am Ra. In your way of speaking our hands are, to a certain extent, tied. This instrument has called upon inner reserves which are dearly bought. Therefore, we have the honor/duty of using this energy to the best of our ability. When it becomes low we shall most certainly, as always, express the need for ending the working. The only way of avoiding this sharing of service at whatever cost is to refrain from the working. It is a dilemma.

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