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The Law of One Session 54, Question 30

May 29, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: When I was in the process of cutting trees with which to build my cabin in the woods of central Kentucky in the spring of 1973, I was quite unsure of how or if I would be able to survive alone in that remote environment. Though subdued most of the time, my nervousness about this whole project was obvious. One night, in my tent, I was awakened by the sound of a friend’s dog eating dog food from its plastic bowl. I mentally heard the message that is spoken of in the following material and wrote it down by flashlight. It appears that each of us has at least three guides to aid us, and aid is usually given in a symbolic manner in order to give us clues that will stimulate our own thinking and seeking abilities rather than by laying out answers in a plain and unquestionable fashion.

Carla: I have experienced Jim’s nervousness through our long association, and found that his quickness and alertness are preternatural. The trait seems to be a mixed blessing, however, for if the objects he is manipulating have the temerity to be balky, the tension can escalate. I suppose virtues always have their shadows! I have come to find that level of trust with Jim where one accepts another without regard for anything but complete support, and would not change him to be one iota less fiery. That race-horse temperament is simply the shadow of so many wonderful traits that make him the extremely efficient and ever-resourceful good judge of men and situations that he is.

54.30 Questioner: I’ll make this statement which may be somewhat distorted and let you correct it. We have, coming through the feet and base of the spine, the total energy that the mind/body/spirit complex will receive in the way of what we call light. Each energy center as it is met filters out and uses a portion of this energy, red through violet. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is largely correct. The exceptions are as follows: The energy ingress ends with indigo. The violet ray is a thermometer or indicator of the whole.

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