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The Law of One Session 59, Question 4

June 25, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: When it becomes known to a seeker that there are negative entities of an unseen nature that may present one with psychic greetings that, in general, tend to intensify difficulties that the seeker has freely chosen, it is often easy for the seeker totally to blame the negative entities for difficulties that appear in the life pattern rather than continuing to trace the line of responsibility to its source within the free will choices of the self. I illustrated this trait in the following question.

I had known very well from an early age that I had a well-exercised temper. In Ra’s response to my question about that temper it is interesting to see one possible source for such anger and the potential for balancing that such anger can provide. A future query in this same general area elicits another facet of this quality of anger.

Carla: When one feels she has a fault, it is very easy to focus on eliminating the fault. Yet Ra encourages us not to erase faults but to balance them. I think this to be a key concept. All of us dwelling in this veil of flesh have biases and opinions that seem distorted to some degree. Of course, if one has a fault that involves infringing on the free will of another, then the fault does need to be addressed by eliminating that behavior. One does not find ways to balance thieving or murder. But Jim’s anger, my eternal vagueness and forgetfulness, all of people’s little quirks, can be seen to be energies that need balancing, rather than removal. One tries to behave completely without error, yet errors occur. This should not be an excuse for the self to judge the self, but rather a chance for the self to offer love and support to the self, while gently bringing the behavior into balance. Unless we get this principle solidly under our metaphysical belts, we will be self-judgmental people who are petty in complaint and grudging with praise, not just for the self, but for others.

59.4 Questioner: At the end of the second major cycle there were a few hundred thousand people incarnate on Earth. There are over four billion incarnate today. Were the over four billion people who are incarnate today, were they in the Earth planes but not incarnate at that time, or did they come in from elsewhere during the last 25,000-year cycle?

Ra: I am Ra. There were three basic divisions of origin of these entities.

Firstly, and primarily, those of the planetary sphere you call Maldek, having become able to take up third density once again, were gradually loosed from self-imposed limitations of form.

Secondly, there were those of other third-density entrance or neophytes whose vibratory patterns matched the Terran experiential nexus. These then filtered in through incarnative processes.

Thirdly, in the past approximate 200 of your years you have experienced much visiting of the Wanderers. It may be noted that all possible opportunities for incarnation are being taken at this time due to your harvesting process and the opportunities which this offers.

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