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The Law of One Session 66, Question 15

August 12, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: There were no great tricks or elaborate rituals employed to aid Carla in maintaining her physical health and her ability to serve as the instrument for this contact. Good foods, reasonable exercise, and a healthy and happy attitude are techniques that are within most people’s reach.

Carla: It was not very much fun to be so scrutinized for estimation of my energy level in this way. I have always had tons of mental, emotional and spiritual energy, but low physical energy. In fact I would say my life has been lived mainly on nerve. To me, life has always seemed a marvelous celebration, a party of sun and moon and earth and sky, birdsong and green leaves and people of every sort and kind, doing various amazing things. This joy in life is a pure gift, and it has made my life a dream of love. It was no surprise to me when Ra spoke of my low energy! And I doubt any athlete worked harder to keep in shape than I did during this time.

66.15 Questioner: Is this desire and will that operates through to the time/space section a function only of the entity who is healed or is it also the function of the healer, the crystallized healer?

Ra: I am Ra. May we take this opportunity to say that this is the activity of the Creator. To specifically answer your query the crystallized healer has no will. It offers an opportunity without attachment to the outcome, for it is aware that all is one and that the Creator is knowing Itself.

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