The Law of One Session 67, Question 21

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: In the first question Don is asking Ra how we could resolve the seeming paradox of being able to serve various portions of the same Creator, some of which rejoiced at our service and some of which wished nothing less than to remove the instrument and the contact from the third density, i.e. our fifth-density, negative friend. We removed the sentence that you see in brackets because we did not wish for over attention to be given to our personalities. We include it now because it might be helpful for those who have the feeling that they may be here from elsewhere to know that there is a kind of momentum of serving others which adds its support to the individual’s desire to learn and to serve well.

Those who have read The Crucifixion Of Esmerelda Sweetwater will recognize the last query of this section. This book was written by Don and Carla in 1968, when they first got together and formed L/L Research. It was their first project and was unusual in that seemed to be seen first and then recorded as a story. And it was also unusual in the fact that it seemed to anticipate many of the experiences that Don and Carla, and later I, would share in their work together.

Carla: Into this first work of ours was poured all the love we had for each other and for the ideals and concerns of a purer, higher way, a way of love undefiled by any hint of the heaviness of earth. We were smitten with each other; it was a wonderful time. Mind you, Don was never verbal, but this time held our short-lived intimate physical relationship, which I treasure, and our time of that nearly trembling joy one has when one is in love. The story seemed to tell itself, and we saw the characters so clearly they might have been telling us the story over our shoulder. The only part of the book which was in error was the ending. The character that rather resembled me on a perfect day was killed off by the bad guys at the end of the book. In real life, my frail body was stronger than Don’s due, I think, to my gifts of faith and élan vital. Don was never the least bit at home on this earth. He lived his life very defended and isolated, except for me and a very few close friends and relations. One thing is sure: his gifts have been well shared in the body of work that comprises the material Ra shared with us. His questions were marvels of sense and always game to head in a new direction. The romance ended badly, in the sense that Don has entered a larger life, and I have been left to become a whole different person than the one he groomed and appreciated. But the work has not ended at all, and will not until the world no longer has any need of our material.

67.21 Questioner: Then we experience in this seeming difficulty the what I would call effect of the wisdom of the first distortion and for that reason must fully accept the wisdom of that which we experience. This is my personal view. Is it congruent with Ra’s?

Ra: I am Ra. In our view we would perhaps go further in expressing appreciation of this opportunity. This is an intensive opportunity in that it is quite markèd in its effects, both actual and potential, and as it affects the instrument’s distortions towards pain and other difficulties such as the dizziness, it enables the instrument to continuously choose to serve others and to serve the Creator.

Similarly it offers a continual opportunity for each in the group to express support under more distorted or difficult circumstances of the other-self experiencing the brunt, shall we say, of this attack, thus being able to demonstrate the love and light of the Infinite Creator and, furthermore, choosing working by working to continue to serve as messengers for this information which we attempt to offer and to serve the Creator thereby.

Thus the opportunities are quite noticeable as well as the distortions caused by this circumstance.

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