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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: In Session 75 we were trying to help Carla through her upcoming hand operation in a local hospital. When the Ra contact began the pre-incarnatively chosen arthritic limitations set in more strongly than ever, and Carla’s desire to do things for others with hands that were meant to be restricted from mundane work brought more and more pain and damage to the arthritic joints—thus necessitating the operation for short-term repair. The length or success of the surgical repairs would depend upon Carla’s growing ability to accept the limitations that she placed upon herself before the incarnation in order that her focus might move inward and prepare her for the possibility of becoming a channel. Her ability to accept these limitations delayed the next surgery for four years.

Since she had been a Christian mystic from birth certain prayers of her Episcopalian Church, and the communion service in particular, were felt by Ra to be of aid to her. The Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram which we had been using for some time to purify our place of working for the Ra contact was suggested for her hospital room and the operating room. The greatest protective and healing device, however, was seen to be love, whether manifest or unspoken, for all any ritual such as prayer, communion, or the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram actually does is alert positively-polarized discarnate entities so that they may provide that quality which we call love from their quarters for whatever the purpose might be. Each of us may also provide that same love as a function of our truly caring for another. As we learn the lessons of love within this third-density illusion we are also learning the basics of healing and protection.

Carla: There are surprises in this material, even after all these years. It was not until this moment (writing in 1997) that Jim and I realized we did not follow one of Ra’s suggestions during that hospital experience. Jim, Don and I vibrated the Banishing Ritual twice a day; Jim and I both remember that. Neither of us can recall reading the Mass in any form. We just missed it. Imagine wasting Ra’s advice! I know we did not do that on purpose. After 16 years, all we can say is that refrain of bozos everywhere … oops!

As to the hand-holding when I meditated, this was a practice that began after a particularly discomfiting experience during one of our public meditation sessions. These were completely separate from the sessions with Ra. Any and all could come and check us out. I did not go into trance at these sessions as I did with Ra sessions, but channeled from a very light trance state. However, during the question and answer period, someone asked a question to which I had no earthly idea about, and I thought to myself, “I wish I were channeling Ra.” Immediately, I began to leave my body, which was absolutely NOT to be done, according to Ra. The source which I was channeling, Latwii, simply kept me channeling—probably pure nonsense—but it sufficed to keep me in the body. After that, someone, usually Jim, always held my hand during sessions. To this day, Jim holds my hand as we meditate during our morning offering, and at all meditation sessions we offer. Better safe than sorry is the cliché which covers this.

I remember with great affection the utter fidelity of love and concern that Don and Jim showed me during this time. It was very hard for Don especially to see me in pain. But he did not flinch or draw away, but rather tried ceaselessly to protect and aid me. The same could be said of Jim, but I think it was light-years harder for Don to bear this than Jim. Jim is a simple, straightforward person. To him what is, is. I remember asking him once if all he was going to say in this life was “yup, nope or maybe.” “Yup,” he replied. Then, after considering, he said, “Nope.” Then more consideration, and he finally settled on, “Maybe!” To Don my pain was his pain, for we were truly one being in that ineffable sense which is beyond space and time. The pain, severe though it was, did not overly distress me, but it foundered Don. His level of concern was profound.

Through the years since this channeling, I have more and more come to appreciate Ra’s suggestion that I fully accept my limitations. After my miraculous rehabilitation in 1992, I found myself out of the wheelchair and vertical for the first time in many years. A year ago, I was able to give the downstairs hospital bed back to Medicare. (I still find one helpful at night, for sleeping.) when I first started to rebuild a “vertical” life, I was full of ideas as to what I might accomplish. I tried going back to school to get myself current in my old field of library service. I tried to take a job. I volunteered at church far beyond my actual capacity to serve. And this took its toll, as I collected injuries, broken ankle, sprained knees, and two more hand operations. Finally, about a year ago, I managed to pare down my work to the point where I allowed much rest time within the schedule of the day. I’ve tinkered with this schedule, finding ways to harmonize my efforts with Jim’s, finding how to nurture myself, finding what priorities my life really has. I am hopeful that I have at this point realized these set limits to effort, and have begun to cooperate with my destiny.

I fully respect my pre-incarnative choice to take on these uncomfortable limitations. The experience has hollowed me out and made me an ever better channel. I continue to rejoice as I see little bits of my ego fall away. My prayer these days is “Lord, show me Thy ways.” There is much work left for me, a true idiot. But I exult in being upon the King’s Highway.

75.24 Questioner: The answer to this question probably has to do with our distorted view of time, but I see Wanderers in this density who have come from fifth or sixth density. [It] seems to me [that they] should already be of a relatively high degree of adeptness [and] must follow a slightly or somewhat different path back to the adeptness that they previously had in a higher density and get as close to it as they can in third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. Your query is less than perfectly focused. We shall address the subject in general.

There are many Wanderers whom you may call adepts who do no conscious work in the present incarnation. It is a matter of attention. One may be a fine catcher of your game sphere, but if the eye is not turned as this sphere is tossed then perchance it will pass the entity by. If it turned its eyes upon the sphere, catching would be easy. In the case of Wanderers which seek to recapitulate the degree of adeptness which each had acquired previous to this life experience, we may note that even after the forgetting process has been penetrated there is still the yellow-ray activated body which does not respond as does the adept which is of a green- or blue-ray activated body. Thusly, you may see the inevitability of frustrations and confusion due to the inherent difficulties of manipulating the finer forces of consciousness through the chemical apparatus of the yellow-ray activated body.

75.35 Questioner: May anyone in third density accomplish some degree of healing if they have the proper will, desire, and polarity, or is there a minimal balance of the energy centers of the healer that is also necessary?

Ra: I am Ra. Any entity may at any time instantaneously clear and balance its energy centers. Thus in many cases those normally quite blocked, weakened, and distorted may, through love and strength of will, become healers momentarily. To be a healer by nature one must indeed train its self in the disciplines of the personality.

75.15 Questioner: The chink then, as I understand it, was originally created by the decision of Jesus to take the path of martyrdom? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is, in relation to this instrument, quite correct. It is aware of certain over-balances towards love, even to martyrdom but has not yet, to any significant degree, balanced these distortions. We do not imply that this course of unbridled compassion has any fault but affirm its perfection. It is an example of love which has served as beacon to many.

For those who seek further, the consequences of martyrdom must be considered, for in martyrdom lies the end of the opportunity, in the density of the martyr, to offer love and light. Each entity must seek its deepest path.

75.38 Questioner: Now the invocation of the magical personality is not necessarily effective for the neophyte. Is there a point at which there is a definite quantum change and that personality does then reside, or can it be done in small degrees or percentages of magical personality as the neophyte becomes more adept?

Ra: I am Ra. The latter is correct.

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