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The Law of One Session 84, Question 20

April 14, 1982

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: The first portion of Session 84 is mostly nuts and bolts maintenance of the instrument. Her primary exercise each day was one hour of brisk walking, and when her feet began to suffer injury we tried alternating two different kinds of shoes hoping that each would aid one portion of the injury without aggravating another portion.

Don also asked Ra about information concerning earth changes which Andrija Puharich had received from one of his sources. Instead of responding directly to the query and risking infringing upon the free will of Dr. Puharich, Ra chose to speak to the subject of earth changes as representative of one of two choices that a person may make in the search for truth.

Between that response and the last question and answer that you see was a portion of information concerning a person’s encounter with a UFO which Ra asked us to keep private. The question and answer that you do see is in reference to this same UFO contact and reveals the general way in which many face-to-face encounters between our third-density population and extraterrestrial entities occur. What is actually remembered by the third-density entity is a product of its expectations and what its subconscious mind fashions as an acceptable story that will allow the entity to continue functioning without losing its mental balance. This is the nature of the positive contact in which the third-density entity is being awakened to seek more clearly the nature of not only the UFO encounter but the life pattern as well. Negative contacts, however, utilize the concepts of fear and doom to further separate and confuse the Earth population.

Carla: My poor feet! Rheumatoid disease is notorious for its depredations upon one’s extremities, and perhaps my hands, feet and neck have suffered the worst from its progression. Thirteen operations on my hands and six on my feet have staved off total dysfunction, but the old digits are not what they once were. During these sessions, they suffered far more than normal, because when I was in trance, I did not move at all. Those of Ra did not know how to make my body move very well, and so whatever aches and pains I had became rapidly very hard to bear. It was easy for me to be discouraged. I can remember asking the Creator, with some asperity, what It had in mind when It gave me these gifts! How inconvenient! Especially in terms of this contact, which we all knew was special, I tended to feel that I had let down the side by these sore joints’ taking time away from the sessions in length. Feeling unworthy in the first place, I felt sheepish that I was, by these distortions, lessening the content of each working. At this latter day, however, I have ceased to rail against whatever comes my way. I am just glad to be here. And if I can still channel, fine. But I think all of us have one main job, and that is just to be who we are, living in an open-hearted love of the Creator and His creation.

Ra’s zinger of an answer to Puharich’s question about coming earth changes is worth pondering in depth. The answer concerning the person’s remembrance of a close encounter of the third kind, being on board a craft, is also pithy. We really have a great deal to do with how we experience events of an archetypal nature, and this bleeds through into the everyday. So much of what we receive from the world is set by what we give to it. Ra’s comments are provocative in suggesting how we can view that ineffable thing called sanity.

84.20 Questioner: Then, with respect to the green, blue, and indigo transfers of energy: How would the mechanism for these transfers differ in making them possible or setting the groundwork for them than the orange ray? I know this is very difficult to ask and I may not be making any sense, but what I am trying to do is get to an understanding of the foundation for transfers in each of the rays and the preparations for the transfers, you might say, or the fundamental requirements and biases and potentials for these transfers. Could you expand on that for me please? I am sorry for the poor question.

Ra: I am Ra. We would take a moment to state in reply to a previous comment that we shall answer each query whether or not it has been previously covered for not to do so would be to baffle the flow of quite another transfer of energy.

To respond to your query we firstly wish to agree with your supposition that the subject you now query upon is a large one, for in it lies an entire system of opening the gateway to intelligent infinity. You may see that some information is necessarily shrouded in mystery by our desire to preserve the free will of the adept. The great key to blue, indigo, and finally, that great capital of the column of sexual energy transfer, violet energy transfers, is the metaphysical bond or distortion which has the name among your peoples of unconditional love. In the blue-ray energy transfer the quality of this love is refined in the fire of honest communication and clarity; this, shall we say, normally, meaning in general, takes a substantial portion of your space/time to accomplish although there are instances of matings so well refined in previous incarnations and so well remembered that the blue ray may be penetrated at once. This energy transfer is of great benefit to the seeker in that all communication from this seeker is, thereby, refined and the eyes of honesty and clarity look upon a new world. Such is the nature of blue-ray energy and such is one mechanism of potentiating and crystallizing it.

As we approach indigo-ray transfer we find ourselves in a shadowland where we cannot give you information straight out or plain, for this is seen by us to be an infringement. We cannot speak at all of violet-ray transfer as we do not, again, desire to break the Law of Confusion.

We may say that these jewels, though dearly bought, are beyond price for the seeker and might suggest that just as each awareness is arrived at through a process of analysis, synthesis, and inspiration, so should the seeker approach its mate and evaluate each experience, seeking the jewel.

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