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The Law of One Session 100, Question 6

November 29, 1982

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: In the material from Session 100 note how the limit of the viewpoint changes the nature of the answer. Carla’s tendency towards martyrdom, seen from the time/space or metaphysical point of view, is quite helpful in her own evolutionary process. But that same tendency, seen from the space/time or physical point of view, is seen as a tendency which may present difficulties for the services which one wishes to offer during the incarnation.

Carla: I had a very hard time with the “swirling waters” from the start. Immersed in that high tub, just big enough to fold myself into, I had to tolerate levels up around my mouth in order for the water to beat on my upper back and neck, which were where the worst of the joints of my spine were. All the claustrophobia I had ever felt was squared by this exercise. It was as much an act of will and faith as a physical practice. I did find it very comforting. At the time, I was so small, wearing pre-teen sizes and weighing around 80-85, that I had to wear a weight to hold myself down on the floor of the specially made tub; otherwise I floated around. I would have no such trouble now, as change of life has rendered me a larger and more mature looking being. Jim says I used to be a little angel, and now I am a cherub. So I could probably endure this better now. But I find that Jim’s massages are the best thing. Water is wonderful, but the healing power of touch cannot be overrated.

Shortly after we acquired this therapy tub, I was struck with a sudden and dramatic frenzy of fear. I bolted out of the tub and found myself cowering on the back of one of the sofas, growling at Jim and Don. At the time I thought it was a psychic greeting, but later Ra confirmed that Don and I had just made a deleterious and complete unity/exchange of our mental and emotional natures, and I was experiencing for the first time the degree of alienation and real fear with which he saw this quarrelsome world. He really, really had trouble living on this earth, although one would never have known it from gazing at him. Don was always infinitely cool. But beneath that calm surface was a really difficult and challenging amount of imbalance. How he managed to live here as long as he did is perhaps beyond me to know.

100.6 Questioner: Thank you. To continue with the tarot, I would like to make the additional observation with respect to Card Six that the male’s arms being crossed, if the female to his right pulls on his left hand it would cant*, in effect turn him, his entire body, toward the right and the same is true for the female on the left: pulling on his right hand she will turn his entire body to her side. Which is my interpretation of what’s meant by the tangle of the arms. That the transformation occurs by pull which attempts to turn the entity toward the left or the right-hand path. Would Ra comment on that observation?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall. The concept of the pull towards mental polarity may well be examined in the light of what the student has already accreted concerning the nature of the conscious, exemplified by the male, and the unconscious, exemplified by the female. Indeed, both the prostituted and the virginal of deep mind invite and await the reaching.

In this image of Transformation of Mind, then, each of the females points the way it would go, but is not able to move, nor are the two female entities striving to do so. They are at rest. The conscious entity holds both and will turn itself one way or the other or, potentially, backwards and forwards, rocking first one way then the other and not achieving the transformation. In order for the Transformation of Mind to occur, one principle governing the use of the deep mind must be abandoned.

It is to be noted that the triangular shape formed by the shoulders and crossed elbows of consciousness is a shape to be associated with transformation. Indeed, you may see this shape echoed twice more in the image, each echo having its own riches to add to the impact of this complex of concepts.

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