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The Law of One Session 23, Question 9

February 11, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: Dr. Puharich never did visit us during the Ra contact, so all of our questions about how he should prepare for joining the contact were only for our information. His strong desire to solve riddles and puzzles and his desire to prove spiritual truth would have made it difficult for him to become a part of our circle, since it was supported by the opposite mental attitude, faith.

Carla: Once one starts watching for synchronicities, one can find many a book, movie, or any other object or event bringing repeated messages and reminders of our path. So often, Jim and I will be discussing an issue only to find that for the next day or two, we receive confirmations meaningful only to us.

And I do think that many wanderers here are making today’s movies and songs. One has only to listen to the wonderful words to current songs, sung by people as diverse as Arlo Guthrie and Donovan, Black Oak Arkansas and Earth, Wind and Fire, the Rolling Stones … the list is as long as my legs! We have wonderful company, we who wander here on earth.

23.9 Questioner: What name did they give this deity?

Ra: I am Ra. This deity had the sound vibration complex, “Imhotep.”

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