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The Law of One Session 42, Question 3

March 22, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: Almost everyone on the path of consciously seeking the truth has had some kind of mystical experience that may or may not make much sense to the person. Most such experiences remain unfathomable to our conscious minds and accomplish their work in an unseen and incomprehensible fashion. Being inhabitants of the third density with the great veil of forgetting drawn over our ability to see and to truly know, we must content ourselves with the fact that we only make the barest beginnings upon understanding in this illusion. But we may also rest assured that there are no mistakes and that the events of our lives, whether ordinary or extraordinary, fall into the appropriate place at the appropriate time.

Carla: Don had several experiences of altered consciousness that were permanently etched into his mind. The initiation he spoke of here was received in 1968, while we were in meditation together. He suddenly found himself in a world where the colors were living. He said these colors made our earthly hues look like black and white photos. They were three-dimensional. He saw living waters, and a golden sunrise streaming over the sky. He could open his eyes and he was in his chair, then close them again and see the other world. This state lasted about half an hour. The other event that is notable, to me, was a night he was meditating and found his arm moving rapidly up and down from elbow to fingers as his arm rested upon the chair arm. A blue light began to emanate from his lower arm, and he was forever grateful that he had company who saw his arm turning blue and glowing. Later transmissions indicated that the UFO entities were winding his battery!

42.3 Questioner: I will attempt to make an analogy. If an animal, shall I say a bull in a pen, attacks you because you have wandered into his pen, you get out of his way rapidly but you do not blame him. Or, you do not have much of an emotional response other than the fear response that he might damage you. However, if you encounter another self in his territory and he attacks you, your response may be more of an emotional nature creating physical bodily responses. Am I correct in assuming that when your response to the animal and to the other-self seeing both as the Creator and loving both and understanding their action in attacking you is the action of their free will then you have balanced yourself correctly in this area? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically correct. However, the balanced entity will see in the seeming attack of an other-self the causes of this action which are, in most cases, of a more complex nature than the cause of the attack of the second-density bull as was your example. Thus this balanced entity would be open to many more opportunities for service to a third-density other-self.

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