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The Law of One Session 46, Question 12

April 15, 1981

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: In querying about how best to aid two of our cats as they were about to be put under anesthetic at the veterinarian’s and how to reduce any negative influences that might have sought an inroad while the cats were being operated on, we discovered that when the investment of a second-density being has been successful, that second-density being attracts to it the spirit complex. And the presence of the spirit complex makes that being vulnerable to the same psychic greeting process that any third-density entity may experience, given the appropriate circumstances. The ritual sentences mentioned are taken from the Book Of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church.

Carla: When I was a young woman of 17, I thought I wanted a life full of children and home. But life never offered me that. Instead, I was drawn to follow a life of devotion, to Don and to the Creator. Instead of children, I have had the joy of being friend and/or counselor to many courageous and seeking souls. And cats!! Plenty of cats! I cannot remember being without a cat my whole life long! They delight me, and their company is always a pleasure. We relate to them as children, and they soak up a lot of my maternal feelings!

Gandalf was an exceptionally devoted cat. He loved our laps, and would retrieve for Don, catching the peppermint candy wrappers that Don tossed and bringing them to deposit in Don’s shoe. When he became old and full of years, he was more than ever devoted, and even after he could no longer walk, if I forgot to carry him with me, he would scrape along the floor little by little to come nearer again. Needless to say, we did not forget him often. And he still lives in loving memories.

46.12 Questioner: A repression of what?

Ra: I am Ra. Any mind complex distortion which you may call emotional which is of itself disorganized, needs, in order to be useful to the negatively oriented entity, to be repressed and then brought to the surface in an organized use. Thus you may find for instance, negatively polarized entities controlling and repressing such basic bodily complex needs as the sexual desire in order that in the practice thereof the will may be used to enforce itself upon the other-self with greater efficiency when the sexual behavior is allowed.

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