The Law of One Session 48, Question 8

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Commentary on the Book V material

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Jim: The spiritual transfer of energy is apparently possible for Carla in any sexual energy transfer. It happens without any particular effort on her part and seems due, primarily, to her nature as one who considers all of her actions, first, in the light of how she may be of service to another. This kind of spiritual energy transfer, however, is possible for anyone to achieve through a conscious mental dedication of the shared sexual intercourse for the purpose of achieving such a transfer. With that dedication consciously made, the male will transfer the physical energy, which he has in abundance, to the female and refresh her, and the female will transfer the mental/emotional and spiritual energies, that she has in abundance, and inspire the male. The kinds of energy transferred by each biological sex are determined by the nature that is unique to each. The biological male tends to express the male principle of that quality which reaches. The biological female tends to express the female principle of that quality which awaits the reaching. The orgasm is the point at which the transfer takes place although well-mated partners do not necessarily need to experience the orgasm in order to achieve the transfer.

Carla: Since these sessions were recorded, I have continued to study the sexual part of red-ray activity, with the hope of finding ways to share the beauty and joy I have found in my sexuality with other people who wish to move into the experience of sacramental sex. More and more, I am convinced that we all have the ability to move into this vibratory level, where intercourse becomes ever more deeply a Holy Eucharist of red ray. I think that this orgasmic energy is pure love, and that as we experience this ecstasy, we are simply knowing the creator’s vibration at rest. I suspect that the universe dwells in a state of orgasm, a timeless ecstasy. So much of our culture’s training is bent on blunting the power of passion so that social strictures may be observed that the spontaneity of the act itself is lost. And the constant bombardment of sexual images in commercials and advertisements of every kind sharpen the desire for more and more: more partners, more unorthodox experiences, more thrills, more novelty.

In contrast to this, there is the red-ray part of self and its natural functions, natural and right and, like all other natural functions, something to fulfill in privacy, and with an eye to grace and purity of form in the doing. Once a man has found the wisdom to fix his desire upon Woman, the Goddess, as incarnate in his mate, and the woman has opened her heart to Man, as incarnate in her mate, there is laid the stage for an ever deeper practice of this glorious natural sharing of energy. It has been a blessing to me, certainly, as I apparently ran out of energy some years ago—but am still alive and kicking! Thanks in no small part to the truly fine natural functions of one James McCarty, a man most lovingly sensitive to the Goddess within.

48.8 Questioner: Who shall we say supervises the determination of further incarnation needs and sets up the seniority list, shall I say, for incarnation?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a query with two answers.

Firstly, there are those directly under the Guardians who are responsible for the incarnation patterns of those incarnating automatically, that is, without conscious self-awareness of the process of spiritual evolution. You may call these beings angelic if you prefer. They are, shall we say, “local” or of your planetary sphere.

The seniority of vibration is to be likened unto placing various grades of liquids in the same glass. Some will rise to the top; others will sink to the bottom. Layers and layers of entities will ensue. As harvest draws near, those filled with the most light and love will naturally, and without supervision, be in line, shall we say, for the experience of incarnation.

When the entity becomes aware in its mind/body/spirit complex totality of the mechanism for spiritual evolution it, itself, will arrange and place those lessons and entities necessary for maximum growth and expression of polarity in the incarnative experience before the forgetting process occurs. The only disadvantage of this total free will of those senior entities choosing the manner of incarnation experiences is that some entities attempt to learn so much during one incarnative experience that the intensity of catalyst disarranges the polarized entity and the experience thus is not maximally useful as intended.

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