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The Law of One Session 94, Question 16

August 26, 1982

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Commentary on the Book V material

(Questions and answers from Book V are shown with this background color.)

Jim: The first few questions and responses in this session are more of the nuts and bolts maintenance which we constantly found ourselves having to deal with in keeping up with both Carla’s arthritic flare-ups of pain and our fifth-density negative friend’s accentuating of these difficulties.

Toward the beginning of Session 92 in Book Four of The Law Of One, one of Ra’s responses was “There is the need for the instrument to choose the manner of its beingness. It has the distortion, as we have noted, towards the martyrdom. This can be evaluated and choices made only by the entity.” And at the end of that same session, Ra added “The instrument, itself, might ponder some earlier words and consider their implications. We say this because the continued calling upon vital energies, if allowed to proceed to the end of the vital energy, will end this contact. There is not the need for continued calling upon these energies. The instrument must find the key to this riddle or face a growing loss of this particular service at this particular space/time nexus.” The last part of the personal material from Session 94 consists of a query from Carla upon which she pondered long concerning the riddle which Ra had presented in Session 92. The riddle was Ra’s way of maintaining Carla’s free will and at the same time giving her a direction for thought which might enhance both her own growth and the service of the contact to others.

Carla: As time went on, we fiddled around more and more with clothing and such, trying to maximize my comfort and the length of sessions. I was warmly clothed, all in white, with the white comforter placed so it did not drag down the arms, and then my hands were gloved, and the kind of tubing used to vent washer/dryers went over both hands up to about the elbow, to keep the weight of the cover off them completely. It was a job just getting dressed for the sessions. It seems almost funny when one looks back on it, that we kept on with such perseverance. But at the time, there was only one thought between us three, and that was to continue this contact and learn all we could. I think if it happened again, I’d do the same thing again: give my utmost. And I imagine Jim would say the same. Without question Don was also absolutely single-minded about pursuing the questioning with Ra. He felt that this was the culmination of his life’s work. If we were somewhat wearied and even battered by the conditions we had to work in, that was acceptable. And we did indeed all feel the weariness.

I appreciate the point those of Ra make concerning my gift of faith. It has been true for as long as I can remember that I have enjoyed that attitude of faith and hope. It may well be why I am alive today, while Don is a soldier fallen in the spiritual battle. Don was a person of infinite dignity, intelligence and ethical purity, but always a somewhat melancholy man under the mask of polite courtesy, efficiency and professorial charm that he wore to meet the world. Much has been given me in this life in the way of gifts, but this is surely the most precious.

Doesn’t Ra offer a marvelous perspective to the myopic spiritual eye, in suggesting that I was only looking at what still needed doing, rather than giving thanks for what had come around already? I have often taken their advice and pondered the merits of judging as the stern critic that would have everything just so. Life is messy, and often things are very much untidy, and that needs to be released, forgiven and accepted.

And Ra’s final thought is truly a jewel. What, after all, is all our striving in the end, including this contact and all human thought, but a vain and empty folly? We cannot move from illusion to truth in this body, on this plane of existence. So where is our truest and central service? Not in the doing but in the being, in allowing the true self, that open-hearted lover of all things in creation, to share its essence with the world, and to allow the love and light of the Infinite One to pass through it and radiate into the planetary consciousness. That is our true geste, all of us who have come here at this time to be of service: being, living a devotional and devoted life.

94.16 Questioner: Experience is seated on the square of the material illusion which is colored much darker than in Card Number Three. However, there is a cat inside this. I am guessing that as experience is gained the second-density nature of the illusion is understood and the negative and positive aspects are separated. Would Ra comment on this?

Ra: I am Ra. This interpretation varies markedly from Ra’s intention. We direct the attention to the cultural meaning of the great cat which guards. What, O student, does it guard? And with what oriflamme does it lighten that darkness of manifestation? The polarities are, indeed, present; the separation nonexistent except through the sifting which is the result of cumulative experience. Other impressions were intended by this configuration of the seated image with its milk-white leg and its pointed foot.

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