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The Law of One Session 99

November 18, 1982

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Commentary on the Book V material

(Questions and answers from Book V are shown with this background color.)

Jim: Most people would probably not have described the feeling of not quite being whole and in harmony which our group experienced during the fall of 1982 as true disharmony. Yet as one moves further along the path of seeking light and begins to stand closer to it, as we were privileged to do in the Ra contact, even the smallest of lapses of harmony, when left unresolved, can become targets of opportunity for those such as our friend of negative polarity to intensify. These psychic greetings can become great opportunities to heal those lapses of harmony and to move even further and faster upon the evolutionary journey because what such a negative entity is actually doing when it intensifies one’s disharmonious choices is pointing out to you weak points which you might have missed in your own conscious seeking. But one must take quick and thorough action in order to unravel these distortions in one’s beingness or further confusion and difficulty may ensue, again due to, first, your original free will choice, second, the intensification of that choice by the negative entity, and third, by lack of attention on your part in finally resolving the distortion and balancing it. Fortunately, most people do not have to deal with the magical abilities of a fifth-density entity but with the lesser abilities of the fourth-density minions who are usually quite effective on their own.

Thus as Carla was finally getting rid of the effects of the intensification of her blue-ray blockage concerning renting and then cleaning the house next to the airport in Atlanta, I began to notice an increase in my pre-incarnatively chosen distortion of anger/frustration. Notice the fundamental principle in Ra’s first sentence in response to my question. All of our distortions and thus all of our learning are the result of the limitation of the viewpoint. We limit our points of view consciously or unconsciously, pre-incarnatively or during the incarnation, in order to gain a certain bias that may then draw unto it the opposite bias and offer us the opportunity for balance. By being able to see each bias as an opportunity for the Creator to know Itself and for us to know ourselves as the Creator, we more and more become able to accept ourselves. We become able to find love and acceptance not only in ourselves but in others who share our characteristics, and our viewpoint is widened by our efforts to learn and to serve. Such growth is not possible without biases or distortions, and these biases and distortions are not possible without the choice to limit the viewpoint in one way or another. So we determine what lessons and services we shall attempt during any incarnation by the way in which we limit our viewpoint.

Another interesting point to note here is that whatever one’s basic nature is, whether it be love, wisdom, power, or some blend of these three, one does well to express that nature in a regularized fashion. So does one become a channel for it, not by holding on to it, but by giving it away.

Again, we see another purpose of anger, or opportunity that it might present to one expressing it. Being the polar opposite of love, it may attract that love and compassion to the person feeling it. Remorse and sorrow often attract love and compassion to a positive seeker who has experienced a great deal of anger. Anger may also be seen as the negative expression of power; that is, destruction and separation, with the positive side being construction and unification. So it is not necessary to repress or overcome qualities in our being which seem negative and hurtful but, rather, to see them as potentials for achieving balance. When these negative qualities are followed to their source, they can enable the seeker to take advantage of the opportunities for knowing the self, the Creator, and the creation as portions of a complete unity. Ra’s last sentence underscores this point.

Carla: I have thought that this particular fragment is perhaps the best example in this present volume of why Ra can be so helpful. We three humans were doing our level best to stay totally harmonized in movement and rhythm, but we often erred, as do all of us, no matter what, if not today then tomorrow. This is the human estate. Working on this catalyst between us with an intensity born of wishing to remain clear enough to contact Ra, we developed questions for Ra, trying to get more of a bead on what our distortions were, and how to approach seating these incoming catalysts. But no question, however cleverly phrased, could expect to garner a piece of advice like: “as in all distortions, the source is the limit of the viewpoint.” In terms of the old saw about a choice between giving a man a fish and giving him a pole and teaching him fishing, Ra always went for the fishing pole, plus bait. And all without infringement on free will: an impressive task, and appreciated by us. We pored over these little comments a lot. They really did help us focus.

I’ve already talked about the buttermilk/penicillin cure. The principle Ra followed in OK’ing my wearing of a little cross in sessions seems very telling for a lot of questions we have about should we do something or not. They said it wasn’t the greatest in terms of what complications it would cause, but it was OK because it was a symbol which strengthened me in a real way. This concept of balance and the strength of being as flowing into a pattern which is read as metaphysical rather than physical is a real help to people who want to be less allergic or depressed or whatever: do what feels right, letting the mystical meaning have as much importance as the physical. Find the balance.

Ra’s advice to Jim struck home both to Jim and to Don and me. After we read this, we decided to encourage Jim to take the afternoon for solitude. He really enjoyed, and still enjoys, this routine, going out into the gardens for whatever needs doing after lunch and finishing up at eventide with a bath. I am often out there with him, but I do leave him in solitude unless I have a gardening question. To watch Jim work is to understand the power and purpose of ritual and magic.

My dear Mick (I call him that to distinguish him from my brother and also from my first husband, both named Jim) still has an amazingly bright and fiery temper. I stand in awe, quite literally, and watch it sweep through him like a tornado. He has, through the years, found ways to behave less angrily, but that core imbalance for him runs very deep, rather like my wanting to do too much. Some things about all of us are far from smart, but when you try to eradicate them, they just snicker! Nope—we’re part of the package, they seem to say. I have worked my way through the substantial catalyst this has been for me, and give Mick thanks for such excellent catalyst. I have never been hurt physically, mind you. This is a solo act. I now simply observe and accept. I know it only seems that way. I affirm perfection. That is what I have learned to do so far, both to my own humanity and other people’s. Meanwhile, he has had to learn to tend me rather like a shepherd, walking along and picking up the things I drip behind me as I go absent-mindedly on. No one gets away free!

I can only say that meditation, and a daily offering each day as a beginning, help for me. They are the basis of my day, and I think Jim would also say that. So I encourage any who might have had trouble doing that to try again. This time, adapt the practice to your life. It is a routine that has served us well. Perhaps that is too much for you, but you see how to build a time for you and the Creator to meet. You can’t just remake your life around a newly discovered devotional or mystic aspect of yourself; you have to practice a rule of life that gives you time to do your necessaries. I think that one quick drink is a powerful thing. So please try again, if you have given up. For those who want to read about meditation, I recommend Joel Goldsmith’s little book, The Art Of Meditation.

99.0 Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

99.1 Questioner: Would you please give me the condition of the instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument’s physical deficit continues but has the potential for the lessening due to the removal in your probable future of foodstuffs to which the instrument has significant allergy. The vital energy levels are somewhat lessened than the last asking but remain strong. The change in the mental/emotional energy level is towards the distortion of the weakening of this complex.

99.2 Questioner: What are the foodstuffs that are creating the allergic reaction?

Ra: I am Ra. That which you call the buttermilk, though appropriately used in the healing work undertaken for the throat and chest areas, is the substance to which the entity has allergy.

99.3 Questioner: The instrument asks if it will be all right to keep the small gold cross on while she is in one of these sessions. Or will it cause some distortion that is not advisable?

Ra: I am Ra. We scan the mental distortions of the instrument. Although the presence of the metallic substance is, in general, not recommended, in this instance, as we find those distortions weakening the mental/emotional complex of the instrument due to its empathic distortions, the figure is specifically recommended for use by this instrument. We would request that should any strengthening be done to the chain, as we find intended by this instrument, the strengthening links which symbolize eternity to this instrument be as high in purity or higher than the remainder of the device.

In this nexus that which this device represents to this instrument is a much-needed strengthener of the mental/emotional patterns which have been much disrupted from the usual configuration of distortions.

99.4 Questioner: Is there anything further that needs to be done for or by the instrument to remove the magical working, or any of its after-effects, on her throat area by our fifth-density, negative companion?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

99.5 Questioner: Finally, of the preliminary questions, one from Jim stating, “For the last three weeks I have often been at the edge of anger and frustration, have had a nearly constant dull pain at my indigo-ray center, and have felt quite drained of energy. Would Ra comment on the source of these experiences and any thoughts or actions that might alleviate it?”

Ra: I am Ra. As in all distortions, the source is the limit of the viewpoint. We may, without serious infringement, suggest three courses of behavior which shall operate upon the distortion expressed.

Firstly, it would be well for the scribe to engage, if not daily then as nearly so as possible, in a solitary strenuous activity which brings this entity to the true physical weariness. Further, although any activity may suffice, an activity chosen for its intended service to the harmony of the group would be quite efficacious.

The second activity is some of your space/time and time/space taken by the entity, directly or as nearly so as possible to the strenuous activity, for solitary contemplation.

Thirdly, the enthusiastic pursuit of the balancing and silent meditations cannot be deleted from the list of helpful activities for this entity.

We may note that the great forte of the scribe is summed in the inadequate sound vibration complex, power. The flow of power, just as the flow of love or wisdom, is enabled not by the chary* conserver of its use but by the constant user. The physical manifestation of power being either constructive or destructive strenuous activity, the power-filled entity must needs exercise that manifestation. This entity experiences a distortion in the direction of an excess of stored energy. It is well to know the self and to guard and use those attributes which the self has provided for its learning and its service.

99.6 Questioner: We now have an additional set of tarot images. We will refer to them as the Royal Road images, since that’s the name of the book they came from. They are similar to, but in some instances different from the C.C. Zain images. Which of these two sets are closer to Ra’s original intention? And if they are mixed, let me know that.

Ra: I am Ra. The principle which moves in accordance with the dynamics of teach/learning with most efficiency is constancy. We could explore the archetypical mind using that set of images produced by the one known as Fathman or we could use those which have been used.

In point of fact, those which are being used have some subtleties which enrich the questioning. As we have said, this set of images is not that which we gave. This is not material. We could use any of a multitude of devised tarot sets. Although this must be at the discretion of the questioner, we suggest the maintaining of one and only one set of distorted images to be used for the querying and note that the images you now use are good.

99.7 Questioner: The only problem is something that I am sure is quite foreign to Ra’s way of thinking which is called “copyright laws.” We have been unable to get copyright privileges from the publishers of the cards that we started with, and we’ll have to circumnavigate that problem some way or another, which could conceivably cause us to use a different set of images as we go along.

The wings of Card Five, I am guessing, have to do with a protection over the— they’re above the Significator of the Mind, and I am guessing they are a symbol of protection. Is this in any way correct?

Ra: I am Ra. Let us say that you are not incorrect but rather less than correct. The Significator owns a covenant with the spirit which it shall in some cases manifest through the thought and action of the adept. If there is protection in a promise, then you have chosen the correct sound vibration, for the outstretched wings of spirit, high above manifestation, yet draw the caged mind onward.

99.8 Questioner: Thank you. Card Number Six I see as the Transformation of the Mind, the male’s crossed arms representing transformation, transformation being possible either toward the left- or the right-hand path, the right-hand path being beckoned or led by the female, the Potentiator. The one on the right having the serpent of wisdom at the brow and being fully clothed, the one on the left having less clothing and indicating that the Matrix or Potentiator would be more concerned and attracted to the physical illusion as the left-hand path is chosen and more concerned and attracted to the mental as the right-hand path is chosen.

The creature above points an arrow at the left-hand path indicating that if this path is chosen the chips, shall we say, will fall where they may, the path being unprotected as far as the random activity of catalyst. And the intellectual abilities of the chooser of that path would be the main guardian rather than a designed or built-in protection by the Logos for the right-hand path. The entity firing the arrow being what seems to be a second density entity would indicate that this catalyst could be produced by a lesser-evolved source, you might say. Would Ra comment on these observations of Card Six, the Transformation of the Mind?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall speak upon several aspects seriatim. Firstly, let us examine the crossed arms of the male who is to be transformed. What, O student, do you make of the crossing? What see you in this tangle? There is a creative point to be found in this element which was not discussed overmuch by the questioner.

Let us now observe the evaluation of the two females. The observation that to the left-hand path moves the roughly physical and to the right-hand path the mental has a shallow correctness. There are deeper observations to be made concerning the relationship of the great sea of the unconscious mind to the conscious mind which may fruitfully be pursued. Remember, O student, that these images are not literal. They haunt rather than explicate.

Many use the trunk and roots of mind as if that portion of mind were a badly used, prostituted entity. Then this entity gains from this great storehouse that which is rough, prostituted, and without great virtue. Those who turn to the deep mind, seeing it in the guise of the maiden, go forth to court it. The courtship has nothing of plunder in its semblance and may be protracted, yet the treasure gained by such careful courtship is great. The right-hand and left-hand transformations of the mind may be seen to differ by the attitude of the conscious mind towards its own resources as well as the resources of other-selves.

We now speak of that genie, or elemental, or mythic figure, culturally determined, which sends the arrow to the left-hand transformation. This arrow is not the arrow which kills but rather that which, in its own way, protects. Those who choose separation, that being the quality most indicative of the left-hand path, are protected from other-selves by a strength and sharpness equivalent to the degree of transformation which the mind has experienced in the negative sense. Those upon the right-hand path have no such protection against other-selves for upon that path the doughty seeker shall find many mirrors for reflection in each other-self it encounters.

99.9 Questioner: In the previous session you mentioned the use of the forty-five minute interval of the tape recorder as a signal for ending the session. Is this still the appropriate time?

Ra: I am Ra. This is, of course, at the discretion of the questioner for this instrument has some transferred energy and remains open as it has unfailingly done. However, the fragility of the instrument has been more and more appreciated by us. We, in the initial observations, saw the strength of will and overestimated greatly the recuperative abilities of the physical complex of this entity.

Therefore, we may say that ending a working at approximately this amount of energy expenditure; that is, some point soon following upon the sound vibration of which you speak, would be appropriate and, insofar as we may determine, may well extend the incarnational amount of your space/time which this instrument shall be able to offer to this contact.

99.10 Questioner: In that case I will just ask one additional short question as we terminate for this session. May I ask if the Logos of this system planned for the mating process as possibly depicted in Card Six— I don’t know if this is related— by some type of DNA imprinting as has been studied by our science. In many second-density creatures seem to have some sort of imprinting that creates a lifetime mating relationship and I was wondering if this was designed by the Logos for that particular mechanism and if it was also carried into third density?

Ra: I am Ra. There are some of your second-density fauna which have instinctually imprinted monogamous mating processes. The third-density physical vehicle which is the basic incarnational tool of manifestation upon your planet arose from entities thusly imprinted, all the aforesaid being designed by the Logos.

The free will of third-density entities is far stronger than the rather mild carryover from second-density DNA encoding and it is not part of the conscious nature of many of your mind/body/spirit complexes to be monogamous due to the exercise of free will. However, as has been noted there are many signposts in the deep mind indicating to the alert adept the more efficient use of catalyst. As we have said, the Logos of your peoples has a bias towards kindness.

99.11 Questioner: Thank you. In closing I will just ask if there is anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or improve the contact?

Ra: I am Ra. We note the relative discomfort of this group at this space/time and offer those previous statements made by Ra as possible aids to the regaining of the extraordinary harmony which this group has the capability of experiencing in a stable manner.

We find the addition of the swirling waters to be helpful. The appurtenances are conscientiously aligned.

We encourage the conscious strengthening of those invisible ribbands which fly from the wrists of those who go forward to seek what you may call the Grail. All is well, my friends. We leave you in hopes that each may find true colors to fly in that great metaphysical quest and urge each to urge each other in love, praise, and thanksgiving.

I am Ra. We leave you in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the One Glorious Infinite Creator. Adonai.

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