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Shorter URLs

To shorten links, you can use or You can link to sessions using s/1 (or whatever session number), to queries using q/law of one, and to categories using c/Archetypical Mind. So a short link to question 14 of session 10 would be You can also use e.g. s=4 or q=love.

Jump to specific question in a session

To link to a complete session with a specific question at the top, append “#” plus the question number to the URL.
For example, to link to session 10 with question 14 at the top:

Show only one question and answer

If you know exactly which question/answer you want, you can search for it using “session.question”. For example, to show only session 10, question 14, search for “10.14”:


If you want to highlight a certain phrase, use “hl”, e.g., you the counting.


The search engine uses stemming to attempt to generate meaningful search results. If you don’t want to use stemming, use “exact phrase” on the search page (even if the phrase is only one word long). For example, an “any” search for beingness will find “being,” also, but an “exact phrase” search will not.

Short words

In “any” searches, the search engine ignores short words such as “a,” “an,” “and,” and so on. If you want to search for those words, use the “all” or “phrase” types of searches.

See more than 30 results at a time

By default, the site shows only 30 search results at a time. Increase that on the search page or by using the “l” URL variable.

Non-https site

If you’re using an old browser and can’t connect to, you can use

Bookmark keyword

If your browser lets you add a keyword to bookmarks, you can jump straight to your desired search. For example, in Firefox, you could follow these steps:

  1. Bookmark a search result.
  2. Edit the properties of the bookmark and change the location to
  3. Add a keyword for the bookmark; for instance “l”

Now you can search for, say, “honestation,” by typing “l honestation” in the URL field:

Using a bookmark keyword

You could add another bookmark to quickly jump to a specific session. Just use “s=%s” instead of “q=%s” in the location field.

URL variables

Variables this site can pass in the URL string.

On any page:

sc: show categories; (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 0.
sn: show notes (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 0.
ss: show session and question numbers (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 1.
v: version (e[dited], r[elistened], o[riginal]); defaults to e.
au: show audio play buttons (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 1.
ad: show ads (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 1.
mm: mobile mode (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 1 for mobile devices (not used on non-mobile devices).
hl: highlight: phrase to be highlighted.

On session pages:

s: session (1-106). Can be a single session or a range (1-3) or a list (1,5,9). Required.
c: category. To show only questions from a specific category in that session
fp: first published. (0 → any [default], 1 → Book I, 2 → Book II, 3 → Book III, 4 → Book IV, 5 → Book V, 6 → Relistened Version)
qi: question id (0-75). To show only a specific question/answer.

On category pages:

c: category. Required.
fp: first published. (See above.)
l: limit (how many Q & As shown on a page); defaults to 30.
sr: start row (0-2630); defaults to 0.
s: session (1-106). To show only questions/answers from a specific session in that category.
su: subcategory. Must be in the category shown.

On search result pages:

q: query (search string). Required.
c: category. To search only a specific category
fp: first published. (See above.)
l: limit (how many Q & As shown on a page); defaults to 30.
lh: look here (a[nswers], q[uestions], aq [both]); defaults to both.
o: order by (r[elevance], s[ession]); defaults to relevance.
qc: query category (0 [no], 1 [yes]). Search category and subcategory names as well as questions and answers. E.g., show questions and answers from the “People: Jesus” subcategory if searching for “Jesus”. Search for Jesus with qc=1 (22 results). Search for Jesus with qc=0 (16 results). Defaults to 0. Preference is stored in a cookie.
qo: query omit. Negative keywords.
s: session (1-106). To search only a specific session.
sr: start row (0-2630); defaults to 0.
st: search type (any, all, phrase); defaults to any.

Random question/answer pages:

random: random (0 [no], 1 [yes]); defaults to 0.

On difference pages:

dv: difference version (o-e, r-e, llr-o, o-r, o-e-ao); defaults to o-e.
s: session (1-106). Required.

Cookie variables

The site stores certain preferences in cookies. If a variable is not set in the URL, it will use the value in the cookie, if set. These are the cookie variables:

l: limit
o: order by
qc: query category
sc: show categories
sn: show notes
ss: show session and question numbers
au: show audio play buttons
ad: show ads
mm: mobile mode


First published, session, category, version:

All questions and answers from the original version of Book I:
All questions and answers discovered in the relistening project, edited version:
Book V questions in session 6:
Book III questions having to do with the Archetypical Mind:

Session one showing question numbers, categories, and/or notes:

Show only question numbers:
Show only categories:
Show only notes:
Show all three:
Show none:

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