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Plenum Healer: offering metaphysical healing

(inaudible) podcast: Listening for love in the messages of the Confederation

L/L Research:
More channeling transcripts and supplementary Law of One info

Links last updated and verified Jun 10, 2024.

L/L Research’s website. Contains all the channelings L/L Research has done since 1974, as well as talks, translations, and much more.

L/L Research’s store and blogs.

The L/L Research Story

Who is L/L Research and how did they come to channel Ra?

1978 Interview

Interview of Don and Carla on TV in Atlanta in 1978.

Other L/L Research Channelings

The Ra contact ended in 1984, but L/L Research channeled before then and has continued to channel since. The complete transcripts can be found at their site. After the Ra contact ended, L/L Research’s primary work has been with Q’uo, and the Q’uo channelings have now been indexed.

Original recordings of the Ra contact synchronized with the text transcript

L/L Research now offers an audio/video presentation merging the original audio recordings of the Ra contact with the transcribed words. (Work in progress.)

Audio Downloads

L/L Research offers digitized audio versions of the original cassette tapes for free download at their online store.


Jim McCarty has recorded audiobooks* of the new versions of the Law of One books. You can download one audiobook for free with a trial Audible membership*.

Forums and Discussions

There are active discussions of this material at the forums, Reddit, and Facebook.

This material is also sometimes discussed at YouTube, other Reddit forums, other Facebook groups, 4chan (2, 3), Twitter (2, 3, 4), Quora, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Check the Recent Referrers page for incoming links from current discussions.

Tarot Images

In his questioning on the tarot, Don used the images from the Church of Light’s then-current deck. The Church of Light has since redrawn their deck several times, but the version L/L was working from can be seen at this helpful site.

When Book IV was published, L/L Research was unable to get permission to include the Church of Light images. Instead, they published the images from George Fathman’s The Royal Road. Those images can also be found at the site.

Both the Zain and the Fathman images are descended from the “Comte de Saint-Germaine” version.

The tarot images shown on this site are from two sources. Cards 1–7 were redrawn by an artist hired by L/L Research in order to align with Ra’s suggestions; cards 8–22 are the Church of Light cards used in questioning Ra. These images can also be seen displayed in tabular form.

More tarot resources:


The Law of One has been translated, in part or in whole, into Bulgarian, Chinese (1) (2), Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Study Guides

Study guides to this material are available at, and The study guide is also available in Spanish and Polish.


Scott Mandelker has produced a series of podcasts on the Law of One. His website is

Text-to-Speech versions

YouTube user MaffyMoose has created computer-generated audios of all 106 sessions. Playlist by YouTube user Nathan P.

Session Topics

Helpful outline by Nick Thomas of the topics covered in each session.

Morgan’s Law of One Commentary

Morgan Starr has posted verse by verse commentary on many of the Law of One sessions.

Third Density Alchemist: Law of One themed investigations

Third Density Alchemist is “a compendium site that is devoted to the publishing of Law of One themed investigations.”

Christianity and the Law of One

Doug Esse has written a number of interesting essays exploring the relationship between Christianity and the Law of One. You can find them at his website, Cosmic Christ.

Spiritual Coaching

Life and transformation coaching by KB.


Metaphysical healing from a long-time student of the Law of One material.


Recommended by Mike W., audio listener extraordinaire: Connectors for making copper pyramids.


Ra-inspired science fiction.


“Contact” – Shikhar Nayak

Interesting links relevant to The Law of One / The Ra Material

NICAP report about the Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker UFO incident. Don asked Ra about this here.
About 12,800 years ago, 10 percent of the Earth’s land surface was consumed by fires. (University of Kansas).
Spiritual Theory of Everything (book by Thomas Vazhakunnathu).
Que es LA LEY DEL UNO - El material de Ra ⚝→ 001 LEY DEL UNO (YouTube video by Lorena la Bruja Filosófica).
Book Review: The Ra Material (Books 1-4) (Mary).
Regarding the death/suicide of Don Elkins (Reddit post by u/greenraylove).
UFO Technology - Excerpts from the Ra Material (video by Heron/Sun).
Artifacts With Extraterrestrial Writings Discovered Near Tunguska Meteorite Site (WikiLeaks).
Peer-reviewed evidence for an ancient nuclear war on Mars.
Intention Repeater: “A powerful free tool for manifestation, blessing, energy clearing, healing, balancing and more.” (Thomas Sweet). interview with Jim McCarty (YouTube)
The Great Pyramid’s chambers can collect and concentrate electromagnetic energy (Journal of Applied Physics)
The Law of One, the Physics of Channeling & the Path to Lasting Happiness (Nico Holloman on YouTube)
The Law of One with Kerr Smith (YouTube)
Earth’s magnetic north pole has been moving East at an unusually fast pace (
Celebrating the Entrance of a New Concept Complex: “Jehoshua” as an Upgrade to Earth’s Third Density Operating System (Doug Esse)
A Dialog about the Trinity and the Law of One (Doug Esse)
The Law of One Presentation @ Eclipse of Disclosure 2017 (Mike Waskosky on YouTube)
The Law of One - Overview Presentation (Mike Waskosky on YouTube)
Blooming a Universe: Understanding the 7 Densities of Light (Aquarius Academy)
Insights From an Extraterrestrial Being Named Ra — Part 1 (Tyler Abromeit)
The Law of One video series (Aaron Abke on YouTube)
Venus may have been a temperate planet hosting liquid water for 2-3 billion years (Europlanet Society)
STO, STS, and Densities (
The synopsis of the Law of One with illustrations. Posted by imgur user CommentDiver.
What is the Law of One? (elquanah)
An LDS perspective on the ‘Law of One’ Material
On the Truth Value of the Ra Material (Nick Thomas)
More from Nick Thomas on Ra
The Ra Material — Living the Law of One (Debbie West)
A Skeptic’s Path to God (Greg McClanahan)
The Political Implications of the Law of One (Jeremy Weiland)
Accelerating Personal Evolution (Don Elkins, pdf)
How the Ra contact came about; Main messages of the Ra contact (Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty)
The Spiritual Significance of UFOs (Don Elkins)
What is the Law of One? (Time Spiral)
The Treasure of Ra (Allisone Heartsong)
Serving Ourselves and Serving Others (Wade Frazier)
The Shift of the Ages (David Wilcock)
Principles of Spiritual Growth (Scott Mandelker)
Seven Principles of the Law of One (Carla Rueckert)
Channeling, UFOS and the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond this World (Michael Topper)
An Integrated Spiritual Path (Walter Last)
PDF of deleted Wikipedia page on the Ra/LL Research contact
“Hidden Hand” discussion at
Summary and explication of “Hidden Hand” dialog (Wes Penre)

Relistening Talks

March 30, 2012: I appeared on BlogTalkRadio with Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarty, and Monica Leal to discuss the relistening project. MP3 (16 MB, 65 minutes) of that discussion.

Audio (MP3, 39 MB, 1 hr 24 min) of a talk I gave on August 29, 2011 about the relistening project at L/L Research’s 2011 Homecoming in Louisville. There were some glitches in the first half of the talk with the clips from the Ra sessions, but by the second half of the talk the glitches were resolved. If you enjoy listening to the clips from Ra sessions included in the talk, you might enjoy downloading complete sessions from the store.

Interview with Rick Cook

Brief interview with Rick Cook about the transition to fourth density.

PDF of Relistened Version

PDF of the complete relistened version, including introduction and epilogues. PDF created by Nicola. Thanks, Nicola!

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Pages and sites about the Law of One that are no longer online

You Are Not What You Think You Are (David Bourke). Previously at
The Ultimate Catalyst (Christopher Lovejoy). Previously at
The Polarity of Disclosure in the Law of One (Mike Waskosky). Previously at
The Law of One (J at Awaken My Mind). Previously at
Study guide at,
The Law of One (Henk van den Beukel). Previously at
Tape of Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker discussing their UFO experience. Previously at
Paranormal Gumbo podcast about the Hickson/Parkerincident. Previously at Don asked Ra about the incident here.
Law of One Passages — website with artwork and passages from the Law of One material. Previously at
Stairways to Heaven (Jay Kinney). Previously at
Are You Seeking the Light or Just Dancing With the Dark? (Peter Newton). Previously at
Into the Still Center. (Timothy Wyllie) Previously at
Who Is Ra? (Wes Annac). Previously at
Law of One: An epic download on love, wisdom, and unity consciousness (Aaron Maret). Previously at
The study of the archetypal mind. Previously at
The Law of One and the Spiritual Principles Underlying the Great Awakening. Posted by reddit user tothemonad. Previously at
The Sons of the Law of One. Previously at
The One Infinite Creator & The Law of One (David Nova). Previously at
Chakras Demystified - Insights from the Law of One (Felipe Photons). Previously at
The Source of Everything (Thomas Vazhakunnathu). Previously at
Review of The Ra Material (Nick Thomas). Previously at
Johdanto kosmologiaan ja vuoteen 2012 (Finnish). Previously at
We Humans of Planet Earth (Richard Cook). Previously at
Interview with Carla Rueckert on YouTube. Previously at
Wikipedia page on the Law of One. Previously at
Carla Rueckert’s posts. Previously at
Excerpts from The Ra Material/The Law of One (Jody Boyne). Previously at
It’s Up to You, Now. (Neil Haddon, pdf) Previously at
Deoxy Wiki on the Law of One (Cyclopian). Previously at
Mongolian translation. Previously at

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